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This is my home, which each year is deliberately surrounded by hundreds of pheasants so people can amuse themselves trying to shoot at them.

If you live in the countryside or dream of living in the countryside, an old law could allow this to happen to your home too.

A home is a place for living, not a place for killing. Not according to British law.

Did you know that you lived in a country which gives armed people the legal right to surround and/or line up like a firing squad beside a home for the sport of shooting? I didn't. Nor did I know how pernicious it would be, until it happened by my home.

Current law allows a stranger to stand in front of another family's child with a loaded shotgun and fire at a creature, (defined as game), for the fun of killing.

This vulnerability of families and homes in our countryside is not mentioned by the press, media or estate agents. Why? Because they do not know or because it is a well-kept secret?

The purpose of this website is not to call for a ban (1) on driven pheasant shooting, but to show the consequences of the logistics and practice of shooting on 21st century families and homes, thereby illustrating why and how the law should be amended, so it protects the liberty of everybody who lives in the countryside.

  1. The efficacy of the sport of shooting is a separate debate, not the remit of this website